Bandidos MC Ukraine - 10th Annyversary

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  • 01 липня 2021 р. 17:51

This hot sunny day was filled with emotions.
Bandidos MC Central East Federation celebrated their 10th anniversary.

On this day, a large number of guests from all over Europe arrived in the capital of Ukraine Kiev. Bandido Europe Presidente Mike Kok 1% er also visited our federation on this holiday to congratulate everyone on this anniversary.

The holiday took place in a beautiful and cozy place on the bank of the river. Drinks, treats, and, most importantly, good company made this day wonderful and highly anticipated by everyone. Brothers from different countries of Europe were very happy to meet and had a very good time together.

On the second day of the event, the weather brought a surprise - heavy rain with fine hail and gusty winds. But all this could not spoil the holiday. No weather is terrible for a good company.

The grand finale was the presentation of patches to many of our brothers by the National Presidente.

It was a great celebration.
We hope to see everyone again in the near future and congratulate the guys from Central East on their anniversary!


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